Interesting Facts About Turkish Tea Pots And Turkish Tea

Turkish tea pots

Turkey is the country located in the Middle East which kind of bridges the Asian region with the European region. This country mostly comprises of Muslims but there are some minorities as well. It is famous for various things like for exotic places, for beautiful locations, for delicious food and for flavoured spices. Besides that; it was turkey from where the term “coffee” coined which was derived from Turkish word “kehwa”. Another thing for which turkey is widely known across the world is its tea. People from all over the world like to drink the tea from turkey. Not only; the taste of this tea is amazing but its benefits and the way of its making is also quite interesting. The pots in which Turkish tea is served as well as the small sized cups for drinking tea are quite fascinating. In this article; we will be discussing everything about turkish tea pot as well as Turkish tea and all the interesting facts related to them.

Turkish tea:

It is a known fact that Turkish tea is widely loved all across the world. People have not only heard about its amazing taste and smell but also they find the process of tea brewing quite amusing. The Turkish tea is dark black in colour which is presented in the form of herbs. Most commonly; only the tea herbs are used for the making of the Turkish tea but sometimes people like to add spices for various benefits as well as for beautiful aroma. Turkish tea is not like any usual tea because it carries so many benefits with it as it is filled with healthy antioxidants. Another plus point about this tea is that no pesticide or chemical or any form of additive is used while the Turkish tea herbs grow.

Turkish tea pots:

Not only the taste of Turkish tea is delicious but the way it is made is also quite amazing. A special type tea pot is used in the making of this tea. This Turkish tea pot comprises of two separate tea pots which are stacked upon one another. The lower pot is bigger in size which is directly put on the stove. This pot has water in it which boils the water and the upper pot is smaller in size. Tea herbs are added in the upper part which is brewed when the lower tea pot boils the water. Once the tea is brewed then the upper pot is separated from which tea is poured.


Turkey is known for various things and one such thing for which turkey is famous is tea. Not only the taste and smell of Turkish tea is great but also the tea pot in which tea is brewed is quite infesting. You can buy the Turkish tea pots from “Turkish store”.