Pre-Tanning Precautions

Tanning is a very popular trend among the style lovers. Usually people with the lighter skin tones want to get naturally tan. There are so many ways to tan the skin. It includes tanning under the sun in the outdoors and with certain tanning agents within the homes and the salons. Many skin experts are of the view that too much of exposure to the tanning agents is not a great idea. It can impact upon the skin in many negative ways. To keep the skin safe from the possible implications of tanning it is important to take care of the skin and do following:


Sun is a rich source of essential vitamins especially vitamin D. it is the natural tanning agent. Despite this utility it is important to remember that the sun light snatches away the natural water content in the skin. As the water content reduces there are more chances of blemishes, skin cracks and unwanted darkening of the skin. Sunscreen can be a good choice but it cannot fully resolve the matter. The moisturizing cream rich in essential nourishing agents creates a protective layer over the skin that prevents the loss of essential water content.


There won’t be any impact of tanning if the skin has dead cells covering it. Exfoliation is the process to remove the dead cells from above the skin. Pre-tanning exfoliation allows removal of dead cells and perfect tanning. The tanning experts suggest that there must be enough gap between the exfoliation and the tanning. The exfoliators have to be chosen according to the kind of skin you have. A skin expert,fake tan online or a beautician can be helpful in finding the right exfoliator for the skin. It is also suggested that the exfoliation must be performed under the supervision of a cosmetician.

 Healthy diet plans

The skin requires a healthy proportion of carotene and Vitamin E. these essential ingredients work as antioxidant agent. No matter which method of tanning you are using, if the skin is not well protected by the UV rays there will be more adverse impacts reported. Vegetables and fruits are a rich source of the carotenoids. Nuts, vegetable oils and other dry fruits can give a sufficient supply of vitamin E. regular intake of such diets can help in developing the immunity and strength against the harmful UV rays.

Short exposures

Don’t just start with long sessions under the sun. Make the process gradual and minimal in the beginning. It is better to start with a short stay under the sun. As you get used to the sun and its impact you can start staying in the sun for more time.